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Chemical import agent

Nowadays as the ramaining undate of the import tariff,there are more and more import volumn of the dangerous cargo.Due to the Chinese government become less strict of importing dangerous cargo,the international tycoon is accelerating  the expansion of the Chinese market.Vanhang provides some convenience for the dangerous cargo importing companies,offers professional and considerate import agent service.

Vanhang recognizes the market requirements,to integrate all resources and with plenty of handling experience ,who can provide the most 

advantaged importing agent service for the dangerous cargo.

Chemical import agent

Products and services

  • Paint/coating


    Paints are divided into paints and varnishes (including enamels and lacquers), dispersed or dissolved in non-aqueous media; dispersed or dissolved in water media, the coatings should be clearly defined before the import, the coatings are recorded and the hazardous characteristics are classified and identified.

  • Chemical raw materials

    Chemical raw materials

    Chemical raw materials can be generally divided into two categories: organic chemical raw materials and inorganic chemical raw materials.

    The chemical raw materials category is very large, involving various categories of dangerous goods and non-hazardous products. When it comes to dangerous goods, it is necessary to clarify the operational categories of the import ports. Dangerous goods Chinese formula label

  • Dangerous goods

    Dangerous goods

    Dangerous goods import, strict port supervision, different port policy requirements; involving labeling, dangerous goods classification and testing, dangerous goods pre-declaration, etc., different types of dangerous goods, ports must be restricted, a container can not be loaded more than Product name, etc. It is recommended to consult and confirm before importing dangerous goods.

  • lubricating oil

    lubricating oil

    It is a common chemical product. It can be imported by MSDS and invoice contract in foreign countries. It may be required to conduct commodity inspection and transfer for different ports.

  • Surfactant


    Surfactant is known as "industrial monosodium glutamate" and refers to a substance having a fixed hydrophilic and lipophilic group, which is oriented on the surface of the solution and which can significantly reduce the surface tension. It is a large class of organic compounds. Their properties are extremely distinctive, their applications are extremely flexible and extensive, and they have great practical and theoretical significance.

  • Medical supplements

    Medical supplements

    Pharmaceutical excipients are the basic materials and important components of pharmaceutical preparations, and are the material basis for ensuring the production and development of pharmaceutical preparations, and play a key role in formulation dosage form and production. Many medicinal excipients are chemical raw materials belonging to the common class, but it is not necessary to feel that they are difficult to operate. The individual is only involved in customs clearance.

  • Resin polymer

    Resin polymer

    Broadly refers to a polymer or prepolymer used as a plastic substrate. Generally insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents. According to the source, it can be divided into natural resin and synthetic resin; according to the different processing behavior, there are thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin. The main concern is whether dangerous goods are not dangerous, clear product categories

  • Adhesive / glue

    Adhesive / glue

    Adhesives are one of the most important auxiliary materials and are used in a wide range of applications in packaging operations. Adhesives are viscous materials that bond two separate materials together by virtue of their adhesive properties. There are many types of adhesives. There are three main types: liquid, paste and solid. Note that if some environmentally friendly adhesives are likely to be dangerous, they need to be non-critical.

The import process

The import process The import process


  • Dangerous goods import customs clearance

    Dangerous goods import customs clearance

    Efficient and fast customs clearance of dangerous goods, one-step access to the formalities before arrival, one declaration in the customs clearance process, one inspection, quick release

  • Product non-hazard identification

    Product non-hazard identification

    There are individual product codes involving dangerous goods, but the products themselves are not dangerous. In this case, we need to carry out relevant identification to prove that the products are not dangerous.

  • Dangerous goods classification and identification test

    Dangerous goods classification and identification test

    If the products are dangerous goods, the individual ports need to apply for the identification of dangerous goods. Our company provides first-hand declaration and post-testing services for the arrival of goods. Accelerate product clearance time

  • Dangerous goods terminal access application

    Dangerous goods terminal access application

    For high-class or high-risk products, if the terminal does not accept or the pile is insufficient, we can provide the application for the pile, or solve the problem that the goods cannot be unloaded at the port of arrival.

  • Dangerous goods international transport

    Dangerous goods international transport

    Professionally handles international transportation for 1-9 dangerous goods, dock terminal application, dangerous package certificate, superior dangerous goods air freight price, route

  • Dangerous goods label review

    Dangerous goods label review

    Our company has rich experience in the operation of dangerous chemicals, can provide Chinese label samples of dangerous goods, and can help customers to check dangerous goods in advance.

  • MSDS and component review

    MSDS and component review

    Professionally review the dangerous goods MSDS and its component access conditions, hazardous chemicals have individual components (such as toluene, ether, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone) involving dual-use item licenses, for customers to clear the import clearance requirements in advance and judge the dangerous goods category

  • Dangerous goods Chinese formula label design

    Dangerous goods Chinese formula label design

    The professional label department audits the label, according to the relevant dangerous goods formula labeling requirements of China, and imports the customer one step at a time, in line with the requirements of relevant regulatory agencies.

Customer case

According to the import characteristics of each product, create a one-stop solution


Wanxiang is not only a service provider of non-core business, but also a strategic partner of enterprise development.

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