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Fast goods import agent

With the growth of China's national economic order, the increase of per capita income and the acceleration of urbanization, ordinary people are increasingly pursuing high quality of life. The consumption level of the people has been gradually improved and upgraded. The food has gradually changed from the past to the nourishment type, health type, leisure type, taste type and experience type. The imported fast food has entered the life of the city people. Through the effective integration of all aspects of information, plus a large number of case operation experience, we can provide customers with the advantage of machine tools.

Fast goods import agent

Products and services

  • Snacks


    Snack foods mainly confirm whether the ingredients are in line with China's national standards, and provide labels design and audit for customers.

  • Food raw materials

    Food raw materials

    Because of the variety of food raw materials, and the renewal and replacement faster, the customer is difficult to find the import basis when importing, and we have a special department to solve the troubles for the customers

  • Juice beverage

    Juice beverage

    The import of fruit juice and beverages, domestic demand is increasing, Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia drink more, like the ordinary food import process, pay attention to whether the product proportioning is in accordance with the national standard.

  • liquor


    We import products: liquor, wine, wine, beer, fruit wine and so on. The import of liquor is relatively simple.

  • Cosmetics


    The cosmetics are divided into general and special categories. The import needs to deal with the cosmetic approval, the label review and record, the inspection of the product and so on, and finally the entry inspection certificate of the goods.

  • Edible oil

    Edible oil

    Acting as a product:Olive oil, sunflower seed oil, mustard seed oil, soybean oil and so on, the inspection of Import Supervision on the import of edible oil is more stringent, foreign need to provide third party full inspection report, part of the import license.

  • Daily Necessities

    Daily Necessities

    Daily necessities: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, diaper and so on. The difference between cosmetics and imported cosmetics is that there is no need for Beijing approval.

  • Seafood


    Agent: Live / ice fresh / frozen seafood, confirm artificial breeding or wild, whether the manufacturer is registered in China, whether the product is on the entry list, whether the importer has a license to enter the inspection and Quarantine of animals and plants.

  • Fruits


    The fruit is divided into frozen fruit and fresh fruit. The fresh fruit needs the producer / orchard to register in China. Whether the product is on the entry list or not, whether the importer has a license to enter the inspection and Quarantine of animals and plants.

  • Meat


    To confirm whether the product is approved, whether the manufacturer is registered in China and provide meat import qualification and customs clearance service to customers.

  • Dairy


    We have been acting as an agent.Germicidal milk, sterilized milk, yogurt, full fat milk powder, skimmed milk powder, whole fat and sugar milk powder, flavored milk powder, infant milk powder and other formula milk powder, milk, milk fat, cheese, ice cream, etc.

  • Other food

    Other food

    For example, health food and new resource food, our company has a large number of experienced commissioners who can let you import worry free and clear customs.

The import process

  • replacing foreign trade contracts with foreign exchange

    replacing foreign trade contracts with foreign exchange

  • foreign exchange payment

    foreign exchange payment

  • product and enterprise inspection and filing, overseas delivery of goods

    product and enterprise inspection and filing, overseas delivery of goods

  • International shipping

    International shipping

  • international air and air and railway transportation

    international air and air and railway transportation

  • exchange of shipping companies

    exchange of shipping companies

  • import documents

    import documents

  • registration of customs declaration

    registration of customs declaration

  • inspection inspection / label review

    inspection inspection / label review

  • inspection certificate and logistics storage and distribution

    inspection certificate and logistics storage and distribution


Food advantages

  • Document audit

    Our company has a special document verification department customer service department, specifically for customers to confirm the existence of foreign documents, and put forward amendments.

    Document audit
  • Review of food ingredients and labels

    We have a special department of product composition and label review - the Chinese label audit department to help customers confirm whether the imported products are in conformity with the requirements of the national standard, and to make Chinese labels on food and so on.

    Review of food ingredients and labels
  • One to one service

    Our company has food import service commissioner to provide customers with one to one services to avoid confusion between the two sides.

    One to one service
  • Inspection Service

    Our company has special field staff to provide customers with the inspection service and pick up the health certificate at the scene.

    Inspection Service
  • Sorting and storage

    Our company has rich experience in sorting and warehousing, and can help customers to save time and money.

    Sorting and storage
  • On-site inspection

    Our company has special on-site personnel to accompany customs / commodity inspection, and solve the problem in time, so as to avoid wasting more time and cost

    On-site inspection
  • Domestic customs clearance

    There are certain deviations in the import declaration process of each port. These objective factors determine the diversity of the import declaration of "different enterprises, different products, different ports and different ways of declaration".

    Domestic customs clearance

Customer case

According to the import characteristics of each product, create a one-stop solution


Wanxiang is not only a service provider of non-core business, but also a strategic partner of enterprise development.

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