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Vanhang supply chain management(Shanghai) co.,ltd.

Vanhang Imton Supply Chain (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Promotes “Focus on-Profession”spirit, we are the first one to present innovative concept of “focus on the import” in the industry. To condense wisdom and resources together on “global import door to door” service, Maximally optimize import logistics supply chain solution, our service throughout the entire process of international trade:general trade agent, international trade settlement of accounts,import logistics delivery, professional import customs clearance, dutiable food storage, the import documents handling. We can provide professional services to “the global procurement outsourcing ” for enterprises,we aspire to become China’s leading service experts of global import supply chain management .

Vanhang regards customer demanding as the guide,with talent resource integration to create value for customers.Built in the system of logistics, business, capitals, information,which four-in-one unity as the carrier.In order to provide chain services and global procurement center,as well to product integration supply chain service as a core of globally integrated supply chain service platform, our service network throughout the major cities in China.

Nowadays, Vanhang is not only non-core business services agent for enterprises, but also the strategic partner for them , to develop win-win together with the enterprise for future!

Corporate philosophy

  • Our vision

    Our vision

    Our vision To build “China’s first brand of global import door to door service”

  • Company spirit

    Company spirit

    Company spirit Vanhang(all enjoy endless)-Unit all as one,win in the future

  • Our perspective

    Our perspective

    Our values Integrate resources through talents,create value for customers

The pilot sent a message

Zhifeng Li

Zhifeng Li


Zhifeng Li

Shang shan ruo shui

The greatest benevolence is like water, “Be willing to be umber other else” and “Altruism” and “moistens the myriad things”,water is just depend on these great morality finally won the praise and admiration of the world;meanwhile,also make itself has continued in the frustration,twists and turns.

"Shang shan ruo shui" comes from Lao Tzu\'s "Moral Classics."The greatest benevolence is like water, “Be willing to be umber other else” and “Altruism” and “moistens the myriad things”,water is just depend on these great morality finally won the praise and admiration of the world;meanwhile,also make itself has continued in the frustration,twists and turns.

In the early days of business, we did not have abundant resources, nor did we have generous policy support. We could only survive in the seam. Our services can only choose to be goal-oriented, operating the same services as other counterparts: air and sea agents, trailers, agent customs declaration inspection.

With the deepening of globalization, informatization and marketization, the traditional business model has received unprecedented challenges, and it is imperative to innovate the business model. With the immersion of the industry, the ability to integrate resources is improved. We understand, want to become a good enterprise should also be like water, only in business innovation, service quality, customer satisfaction, can stand firm, based on the market; Only sincere and trustworthy, everything is customer-centered, customer-oriented, and customer-oriented, and customer satisfaction is the criterion, can finally be recognized by customers and obtain greater development.

We began to be customer-oriented, to meet customer needs, increase customer value as the starting point of business, and beyond the obvious needs, from the need of a link to restore a demand chain, and from the chain of demand to create a caring chain. From this we explore new services, new business models. (Simply, it redefines the business boundary, redefines the business content, and breaks the customs and assumptions of the industry. )

We understand that competitors are no longer just about traditional production savings. Cost savings in any supply chain link may be the key to an enterprise\'s competitive advantage in the market. Reasonable supply chain schemes are very important for customers to reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. As the social division of labor becomes more and more detailed, the market competition becomes more and more fierce. We know that "all who specialize in one art, there must be touching things." Therefore, we first put forward the concept of "professional import" in the industry.

Our business direction began to change, has established customs declaration and inspection companies, import and export companies, international logistics companies. But we are not simply engaged in customs declaration and inspection, import and export agency business, international cargo transportation business, we are engaged in the "global import door to door" service. We undertake outsourcing of global procurement services for international trade services(we do not participate in trade); Our vision is to create a "global import door to door, China\'s number one brand". We strive to integrate and optimize all the resources that have been precipitated in the past and will be developed in the future that can be integrated and optimized, and provide customers with the best supply chain solutions. Let customers save operating costs, thereby creating value for customers.

Because our service has won the favor of enterprises in the segment market, we can "go against the water" and grow rapidly.

Supply chain management services are the product of market economy conditions. Their business goal is to provide customers with a minimum total cost supply chain scheme at a guaranteed customer service level and earn reasonable service fees. With the increasingly fierce competition and the refinement of the social division of labor, some enterprises that provide some activities such as warehousing and transportation supply chain services for production or trade enterprises have emerged. Supply chain services have played a huge role in the name economy of developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Under the condition of market economy, it is very important for everyone to better play their role in the national economy and enhance their own vitality.

Team style

2012 to expand

2012 to expand

2012 to expand

2012 to expand

2012 to expand

2012 to expand